Kihuyo Factory

Kihuyo factory is situated in Tetu location Kihuyo sub-location, Nyeri central district east of aberdare mountains. It started its operations in the year 1976 being factory number eleven of the former tetu coffee growers’ co-operative society ltd which had eighteen factories. In 1999, the society split into eighteen single factory society’s chorongi factory being one of them.The factory has four diferent zones of chorongi catchment area.these zones are Kihuyo, Njeng’u, Nyarugumu and Mwenji.


2013/2014 129,876
2012/2013 122,150
2011/2012 222,252
2010/2011 25,765
2009/2010 86,921
2008/2009 208,455
2007/2008 144,356.5
2006/2007 137,601.5
2005/2006 227,361
2004/2005 193,853
Total 1,498,591
Average 149,859.10



Av Trees per farmer 163
Early: Late crop ratio(%) 1:45
Drying Method sun drying
Harvesting Method Hand picking
Equipment used Buckets, kiondo
Main Crop Season October – February
Varieties SL34/SL28/RUIRU 11 AND BATIAN
Soils Red Volcanic Soil