Our History

Mutheka Farmers Co-operative Society ltd is situated in Nyeri County in the east of Aberdare ranges and West of Mt. Kenya.
The society comprises of 6 wet mills namely; Chorong’i, Kaiguri, Kamuyu, Kigwandi, kihuyo and Muthua-ini with total membership of 4,058 small scale coffee growers. The society was formed in 2004 after the split of the Giant Tetu Coffee Growers Co-Operative Society ltd.


Co-operating for wealth creation to our members.


Urumwe, Utheri na Utonga (Unity, Transparency and Wealth)

Management & Membership

The coop is managed by 7 committee members one elected from each wet mill. The secretary manager is the executive officer responsible for day to day management of the coop activities, supported by 55 permanent staff.

Mutheka coffee Production

Mutheka society produces an average of 2.5 million kg cherry per year . Last season the society produced 2.4 million kg cherry and the prediction for next season is 2.5 million